St. Joseph's Home

Providing quality care since 1886 

Our Mission:

St. Joseph's Home exists to express the Roman Catholic Church's concern for the elderly in need of care and those chronically ill, thus expressing the healing mission of Jesus, and to provide this care as a health care facility. We are committed to the total care of the person, including spiritual care, affirming the Catholic belief in the dignity of human life, and dedicated to the personal care of those we serve. As a member of the community of health care facilities, we are open to serving all individuals in need of our services.

We are committed to:

  • Respecting the value of life and the dignity of the individual.Each human being is unique and deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.
  • Caring for the poor and vulnerable. In following Christ's example, Catholic health care gives special attention to the needs of the poor and serves anyone who needs help, regardless of religious belief or economic status. 
  • Promoting the common good. Because the common good depends on the health of the individuals and families, Catholic health care uses its resources responsibly to preserve and enhance the quality of services at the community level, striving to ensure they are widely accessible.
  • Caring for the whole person. Catholic health care goes beyond narrow treatment of individual physical symptoms to provide compassionate care for the whole person ministering to physical, psychological and spiritual needs.

Board of Directors:

St. Joseph’s Board of Managers

Bishop Terry LaValley
Mr. Mike Backus: President
Reverend  Joseph Morgan
Mrs. Cathy Romano
Sister Bernadette Collins
Mrs. Therese Kelly
Mr. Curt Hammond
Mrs. Joanna Hollis