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Choosing a nursing home can be very a difficult decision. In order to better serve our prospective residents and their families, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions with some basic answers. Of course, we encourage you to speak directly with our director of admissions about your particular circumstances.

What does the admission process entail?

The Department of Social Services will assist family members and prospective residents in the admissions process. A resident application must be filled out, medical records reviewed the prospective resident screened, as well as an interview with a relative and applicant be conducted.

What can a resident bring?

This will be their home. We encourage residents to bring things with them that make them feel as comfortable as possible as long as space permits. Here is a partial list of items that can be brought to St. Joseph's: Lamps, fan, clothes, wheelchair, a comfortable chair, bedspread, comforter, afghans, pictures, clock, calendar and personal hygiene items.

What does continuity mean?

Nursing staff are assigned on each wing to provide a continuity of care, thereby each resident becomes very familiar with those who are assisting in their care.

How do we pay?

There are a number of ways you can pay for nursing home care. Private funds, Medicare, Medicaid and or insurance (nursing home policy insurance).

What do we do about a resident's personal finances?

St. Joseph's offers a personal finances account for each resident. The home can become the payee for the resident, therefore, their personal checks can come directly to the facility, whereby expenses may be drawn from an account. If however, a family member who already has been appointed power of attorney, arrangements can be made to send monthly statements to assist in paying for personal items.

What are some of the personal services offered residents?

Residents can have their personal shopping done for them, get their hair done, see a dentist as well as have their laundry ironed.